Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy.....

8 weeks into Pig training. Did 14 miles yesterday. Wishing the snow would melt away so I can run on sidewalks when needed and wish the trails would dry out some so I'm not a muddy mess when I'm finished. Took the dogs out on the trails the other day for a 4 miler, they where lovin the snow.
I've ran a few times in the VFF's now and am loving them. I've been wearing them on a daily basis but have been gradually working them into my running. I can really feel the workout in my calves after running in them

I have The Pig on May 2nd and Columbus in October. Hoping to BQ in October. Hoping to find a trail race in Washington State the week I go out to visit Mom and Fred. Can't wait to start busting out some 20-30 mile runs this summer.