Thursday, February 10, 2011

Changing Things Up

Where to start? Unfortunately I will not be doing the Burning River 100 this year. I started a new job early last month which was taking a lot of my time but still had time to train. Then I got Mono. I've been laid up for the past 3 weeks not able to run at all. I've also lost between 20 and 30 pounds in that time span. So now that I'm feeling better I need to get my weight back to where it belongs, get back into some weight training and start rebuilding my mileage.

Now my goal through the Spring race season is to do the Mini Heart half marathon in March and the Flying Pig Marathon in May. With the ultimate goal of setting a new PR at the Pig. I'm sure I'll also end up doing a few other smaller races along the way also.

Maybe come fall I'll be ready to try a 50 miler then try Burning River next spring.

Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.
King Whitney Jnr