Monday, November 2, 2009

Where did this year go?

It's that time of year again. Trees in the Miami Valley are full of vibrant colors, the night air is getting cold and crisp. The sounds of summer are slowly coming to an end. We will have a warm day here and there when the TP explodes with activity, kids running around making all kinds of noise, mowers buzzing around, and the domestic violence coming from a neighbors house.

It seems like summer never really came this year. For one we had a very cool wet summer. For most of the crops I had in this year it was a great growing season. It was also good running weather for the most part. I think with my work schedule I missed a lot of what summer had to offer this year. While most of my friends work first shift I have to work three evening shifts a week. This keeps me from getting out and socializing with the people I share my life with.

I finally ran my first full marathon on October 18th. I believe the months of training and preparation were more of a challenge than the actual marathon. The marathon itself was more of a reward for all the months of hard work. Out of 20 weeks of training I made it through 9 of them until I managed to get my first major injury. As far as the doctors could tell I was suffering from a stress fracture in my left tibula. I had to take 6-8 week off from training to allow the bone time to heal. Once I was able to hit the pavement again I had to do so slowly, one so I wouldn't re injure myself two cause I gained about 7-8 pounds from eating like crap for 6 weeks. Never really could get back into a regular routine before the Columbus Marathon. I really thought I would've struggled on the big day. I knew I wouldn't get the time I wanted originally so I was just shooting to finish. It definitely helped that I had Glenn to run with for a majority of the race. All I can say is I can't wait for the next one.

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