Thursday, December 16, 2010

100 Miles????

Yeah so I'm not sure if this will be the greatest idea in the world, but I'm actually thinking about attempting my first 100 mile race next summer. You read that right 100 MILE RACE! Derek from State to State and Stone Steps signed up for the Burning River 100 the other day. First I asked him if he would need a pacer sometime in the second half. After reading more info on the race I started getting excited, and began to wonder if I could do the entire race.

I've decided to start a 100 mile training schedule next week. The next registration bump up is at the end of May. Pending on how things are going come then I might register. I will have 32 weeks till race day. It should be possible. Here is a link to the training plan I will be using. It's a very basic lowest suggested mileage plan. I may alter it a little as I go.

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